02 June 2020

Be gracious everywhere, is my prayer

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 30 May, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

While America seems to swim in turmoil at this moment I find myself in Australia and living a quiet life centred around Art, far from the chaos of this presidency. Many years ago all of this would have certainly raised my anxiety levels enough to paralyse me. I have  changed though, but aged is a better description, old enough to realise that there is little I can do to make our society any better than to simply be a person respectful of others, and kinder, without consideration of race or religious denomination. Be gracious everywhere, is my prayer

Still, it is hard to watch the American carnage which Trump has wrought upon us. Thankfully, the youth of today, made up of all courageous colours, they are out in the streets doing the work for the rest of us. It's gone on too long all this racism in America, everywhere, in fact. As a white man I have looked through the lens of racism in my own upbringing and watched with horror at all its subtle and pernicious shades of grey. I am not a snowflake nor am I as white as snow. 

This painting came quickly the other night, the second of two made in the session. I was about to pack up but I saw just enough to decide to make make another. The 'glow' or 'blossom' had mostly gone from the sky but something remained in my memory which allowed me to make this. 

In Ode on a Grecian Urn, Keats said 

'Truth is Beauty, and Beauty Truth, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know' 

There are so many reasons why I return, again and again, to this motif at the beach. It is limitless, and also I see innocence, and a purity of heart in this twilight sky. The pink glow at dusk; a young woman's blush, honest and true, hence full of beauty, full of all those things in Nature unblemished by the cruelty of Humankind. 

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