30 January 2021

small brushstrokes separate the 19th and 21st century


I love this small painting from two weeks ago but I also recognise that many may see it as a picture from the past. Me too, yet because it was done so quickly in just a matter of minutes I also feel that it is a picture from my future too. It came from a chaotic and dark sky, an already muddied palette at the end of the session, but I quickly grabbed another board to see what else could happen.

This one below, on the other hand, is a more modern picture, for me anyway. At times in this series I have moved towards flat graphic shapes delineated by only slight nuances of coloured tones to either bring the planes forward or to push them backwards though the photos don't always show this. Yes, they are 'seascapes', not a term I like, but  at the same time they are also simple flat planes of colour, and this is why I see them as 'arriving from my own future'. I love unified simplicity, and for me this is the future.

I wonder if every creative person doesn't plod along in their chosen craft, failure and success littering their pathway while still yearning for obscure ideas yet to be formed? And it is, of course, always through the work that these ideas become realised.


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