18 July 2021

Anatomy of a crime, 15th July, 2021





My painter friend Liz Graham-Yool, who lives in the Aveyron region of France, remarked today on Instagram about two pictures I had posted yesterday and today, done on the 15th of July. She wrote that it was interesting to see the great transformations going on between these skies existing in two paintings from the same afternoon.

So, I thought it would be interesting to show all six of them done that day (in order from top to bottom here) to better give an idea of the transitions. These are actually very small studies 25 X 20 cm, so it's feasible to make several quickly at the twilight hour. This is the point after all.

I had arrived earlier than usual because I was supposed to meet a friend in Brunswick Heads for a tea but he stood me up (he forgot, haha) so I went out to the beach about 15h30. I mixed a palette and set up. Then I jumped into the two lemon yellow skies above. Although it was early for my taste, the skies sort of spoke to me already. Whispering to me, was really more like it.

The next one (third one) clearly begins to show the change over the horizon from deep yellow to pink violet. I decided to leave it in its unfinished state because it said everything already.

The fourth and fifth studies show the motif transforming into the colour of raspberry jam. The warmth of the sky had invaded the sea turning it deep Madder Red. 

In the sixth one, (below, below!) the sun was now buried behind me, and dusk had saturated the sky leaving a wide silk scarf of purple and pink. The sea below, glowed like embers in a fireplace, reflecting the sky overhead. 

And that was it, for me, on the 15th of July, 2021.




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