02 December 2022

Hmmm,,, The artist's sartorial guide to the World Cup

OK, I am not really a football or soccer fan but please don't read anything into this because I love top notch sports, and my phone seems to understand this because they send me short video clips of the best moments that lead to a goal in all sports be it Ice Hockey, American Football, Soccer, or Tennis. And (b.t.w.) I played all these sports when in school.

So, The World Cup has no real meaning for me except for these little video 'tiktok' best moments on the phone. And yet I do see online photos of the players in various movements of play and I confess that being, ever the aesthete, I am secretly a closet admirer of team uniforms and am always on the lookout for the ones that visually turn me on. I have decided to dive into which World Cup uniform is the best kit, the one most pleasing in every visual way.

(B.T.W.) While looking for photos on Google I see that I am not the only one with a penchant for great-looking uniforms, The Sydney Morning Herald did an article the other week on the best and worst while also informing me that the whole 'get-up' is actually referred to as 'the Kit'. 

And, lastly, let's be honest, because the fans have become so, how can I say it(?), so truly awful in too many sports, one should really just stay at home and watch sporting events on a large television set. It's more comfortable and the food is free. Nonetheless.... here are my sartorial observations. At the very bottom of this long screed I have picked a winner!

Croatia, not bad

a cool asymmetrical  design that obviously photographs with class.

South Korea not bad either, love it with the shoes

Japan's blue and white colour scheme, Oh Hum.... but OK up closer, Spain, lots of possibilities if they had only added another light colour somewhere to break that beautiful warm deep red.

Germany's kit: Ouch! If Donald Trump owned a soccer club this would be the uniform. 

Brazil, pretty cool colour harmony, and great font!

Celebrating Qatar's first goal over Senegal. These guys are just jumping for joy in deep earthy coloured tone of red. Nice!

Conservative chic, France scoring against Denmark. Don't think they need the gold,,,, too Emirates Airline! But they're a nice deep blue and deep red though.

A player for Canada in its black 'kit' celebrates his first goal against Croatia. This guy is a meter in the air! And the black uniform looks super cool on black players.

South Korea in the smashing red and clashing into the austere white of the Ghana team

Gotta love the sisters from Ghana!

great colour in this shot!

From Brazil, a light and lively colour harmony of blue violet lemon yellow and fluo Veronese  green details. Impressive against the earthy bright Spanish Red 'kit'

A protester runs out on the field looking pretty cool! He's protesting Qatar's misogynist, homophobic culture, so Good on Ya, as they say here in Oz.

Interesting uniform from Portugal, something about it doesn't quite work, the design does nothing for the colours. The design would be really cool if broken up somehow, but it seems heavy though, like the designer drank too much red Spanish wine.

I love the simplicity of this 'kit' from the team Senegal, celebrating a goal. White 'kits' on black players always look great but then Black athletes look great in every colour it  seems.

The Dutch! Always in orange like some weird elongated sort of fruit, I would have spiced it up with a fluo orange somewhere, or added a small dash of light Prussian blue, but hey! It works, and these guys are long time champions.

England's blue and white has a nice feel to it. The bold Ultramarine bleeds into a cooler Prussian Blue. Nice!

USA's all blue uniform is great, unusually so because USA teams, generally go in for all those awful striped red, white and blue logos which look tacky cheap and scream of the American flag! But here, it's pretty discreet thankfully. Iran's white is just OK, but because we love the Iranian people, especially given their present circumstances, I give it big nod, and it gets plus sign nonetheless. 

Alas! I love Australia where I live but I've never liked the green and yellow national colours. They alway look drab, a bit daggy. If either of these colours were spiked up with a touch of some fluo somewhere, they would certainly work better. (And I could do it for them! for free!)

Here with a Danish opponent who looks better in every which way.  A contemporary kind of pas de deux like in an opera by Robert Wilson.

Simple red over white for Tunisia while France (behind) in a deadly deep Midnight Blue colour scheme.

Beautiful Argentina kit! Much prefer it to their more habitual striped light blue and white which looks old school. I love the Ultramarine with highlights of subtle warm violet And here, it's even more impressive when seen in a group. This reminds me of the Emirates Airlines's hostesses who, when they move through an airport, are instructed to always move in a 'pod' as a group to ensure full impact, and it always does.

Mexico's bright zinger red stripes over perfect green, Yes! (and great teeth too!) Saudi Arabia's kit though discreet white with green details, nice number fonts too. It feels boring but hey! At least it's not Gold and Black!  

Canada in all Cadmium Red without any razzmatazz....OK.... but Morocco's discreet red and green over white works great, I like it!

Women Referees for the first time in a World Cup! Gotta love that! But those uniforms!! YUK!! Tut Tut!! Looks very German.

And so,,,,,in third place is the protester in a Superman KIT and rainbow flag.

In second place is Team Argentina in their solid blue violet kit

But in first place, it has to be Mexico! 

My aesthetic is my own, of course, and not having a National Team preference, I am free  without bias. But then,,,, it is my contest after all.... so there! 

I love the design and colour harmony of this Mexican team. It's a perfect soft Sienese red and hard Arezzo green combination. It's very painterly and very cool with its Florentine  colour harmony. How could it not work? And though I have never been to Mexico, but yearn to go sometime soon, and how can one not but love the Mexican people! They appear to be the happiest, kindest, and most joyful people on earth. And they are also hard-working migrants so fuck Trump anyway! 

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