05 August 2013


The correspondence between two great friends is a good read; inspiring especially for an often distraught painter whose only real pastime includes pondering thoughts of défenestration (the art of jumping out of windows and not surviving).

Their relationship spanned 50 some odd years which is really something special between two painters. Here is a loose translation of this small postcard from Marquet (in Morocco) to Matisse (in Collioure). This one made me smile.

My dear Matisse,

Lucky you to be so warm! Here we're freezing,.. well almost, at night we put on our overcoats. At the moment I am actually  in Tétouan where we arrived after 12 hours by horseback. My ass is like marmalade, but I'm becoming a rider of certain merit. No painting yet, I'll never become an orientalist. Be well.


  1. Delightful:) Oh dear, we'll never have these delights again with our computers, iPhones and all. No postcards in the future ... that's sad.

  2. not so sure about that..... I still send postcards out like crazy.

  3. Me too and so does my stepson, but he's unuaual amongst his friends .. and then post offices are closing down everywhere.