18 October 2020

T'is Grace, who offers up eye candy each afternoon



Two pictures from this past week, both with very different colour harmonies. Below, done before dusk while the other one painted just after sunset with a sky full of candy colours spread all over it.

They are different in another respect because the one above is closer to where I seem to be moving in this series. The one below is decidedly a work more related to where I have already been. But I love the light in it so I am not at all dissatisfied, and yet, I do see that it relates to the past.

Happily, none of this matters on a daily basis because I am always just happy to keep working from a motif which appears differently to me each day.

I have learned to accept that everything which Grace  offers up to me is a gift. My favourite painting will always be the one I make the following day.


Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 12 October, 2020, oil on canvas board, 25 X 20 cm

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