26 October 2020

like waves of a thousand afternoons


Evening Prayer Brunswick heads, 15 September, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

I am not sure if I had put this up here in this space but here it is in any case. Tonight, the sea and sky looked just like this. But sadly I painted something else as hard as I tried to paint this one somewhere deep in the vault of my visual memory. Alas, too often, it is an elusive kind of adventure this Painting business. 

But yet, the truthfulness in this painting was like a 'yellow stickie' affixed to my forehead this evening despite my inability to render it again as I had in this painting done just over a month ago. 

Though I couldn't get this right tonight, I certainly painted something else of certain value, but it wasn't what I had wished for. But what pleases me, and I wish to express, is that the sea and sky tonight was just like the painting already done weeks ago. 

And at the risk of being redundant,  it is the inverse of being in a museum in front of a painting which seems so truthful that one  thinks to oneself: 

"I have seen this it when I was on such and such beach last year!"

Here, it is the beach which says: "I have seen such a painting at so and so's home last month!"

So it is reassuring to a painter that when there is truthfulness in a painting it will continue to live on (in this case) on the beach like the waves of a thousand afternoons to come. 

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