24 September 2011

Grand Stupa Kathmandu

In the Fall of 2007 while staying in Kathmandu with my old friend Lucy Needham I developed a habit of walking around the Grand Stupa each evening. It's located in an area known as Bodhanath where the Tibetan exiles congregate when coming to Nepal (who are still fleeing Tibet). Throughout the day the Stupa is a kind of circular magnet around which refugees, holy people and tourists alike walk in a clock-wise direction. Twilight seems to bring out everyone and it is an especially magical moment. I felt compelled to return each afternoon from a day of drawing in different parts of town. I was drawn back to the pungent night air filled with incense and a multitude of a sensations; the cacophonous sound of traffic horns and jet planes mingling freely with the chanting already thick in the air. 

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