24 July 2019

large paintings

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 28 April, 2019, oil on canvas board, 30 X 40 cm

This was done back in April, and it is one which has inspired larger versions in the studio since then. It is very difficult to 'reproduce' a picture away from the original motif. There are so many considerations, one of which is the sheer amount of paint involved as the image scales up from 30 X 40 cm to 150 X 150 cm. And the cost of paint here in Australia is stratospheric. But also,  questions abound; principally, why bother? It is true that the 'studies' done from a small rise on a dune behind the beach have a raw and often rich sense of spontaneity, but they still remain small pictures. And, I love large paintings in my own home or anywhere, ones which sit quietly on the wall without much fanfare or need to make a point. I love a painting which continually asks questions but do not answer them but nor do they feel like images which resemble a banal decoration which feed boredom from overexposure. For me, I yearn always for a painting (large or small) which still possesses a life of its own, a spontaneous touch, and one which can be lived with day in and day out. That is why I have paintings around my home, done by me and others.

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