29 July 2019

the holy whale!

i-phone photo of the beast in question

This twilight sky has become my 'Moby Dick, My white whale', 'My dearest holy grail'. I am not sure how it happened but it has evolved slowly over time. 

I have always loved being anywhere by the sea at that hour when dusk seeps into the night. The hour of the wolf, some call it. And, it is not always the same everywhere in the world; similar, but not at all the same.

So thus, on a dune on an eastern point of Australia I find myself painting this motif in order to explore the faintest possibility of success. And though I know it is illusionary I have come to accept  its divine impossibility. Unlike the tortured Captain Ahab scouring the seas in a grumpy state for his Moby Dick, I gingerly maintain my patient vigil from a small dune for I know that each session brings me closer to thee.

more to be revealed

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 28 July, 2019, oil on canvas board, 25 X 30 cm.

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