26 July 2019

first drafts

at the very beginning

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads,  19 July, 2019, oil on canvas board, 30 X 40 cm

The top image is taken from the easel after the first strokes have been articulated  after mixing a palette. The second is the finished result.

After that, I have no idea where I am going. only It is the colours on the palette, and a vague sense of a drawing prompt my intuition. The sense of joy is in the 'not knowing'.

Sometimes, I wish I could simply keep these canvas boards like that; to hold those first strokes in their very sober, almost zen-like state. But I lack the right amount of chutzpah.

I don't put them aside them though, I jump into the canvas board with the appetite of a mad man. What I leave is a study of what was. They are both real and unreal, like the Art I like.

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