30 April 2021

The hope of Jack Pot

I am not sure what comes over me but at certain times I am overwhelmed by a desire to clean everything out, most especially in the studio, to make preparations for death. 

Why bother anymore with any material things when it will all end up at the tip or the local charity? 

I know its neurotic yet at the same time I also understand that it's the real spiritual jab at the heart and mind, and one should never ignore, or overlook this stuff however convenient.

I read a review of this book Jack Pot by New York Times editor Jennifer Szalai this evening, and there was something in it which caught my attention. 

Though I am sure its a good read I am in the middle of too many books at the moment to read this one. And I have too many to read in the near future judging by my coffee table.

Yes, it's a mess, but I am a bachelor after all, and an artist; un grand garçon même (so I have been told) and here in my own home, at least, I freely live a life of careless abundance because I can.

Out of a few notables observations of the book Ms. Szalai picks out the following which hit me like a ton on bricks:

A psychologist who specializes in the mental health of the rich says that they are actually at a disadvantage when it comes to happiness. The less moneyed among us can still hold out the hope, even if it gets constantly frustrated, that more money would solve all our problems, while “his clients don’t have that fallacy to cling to.”-

This correlates to my first paragraph about  this acute awareness of death. If even the Ultra-rich cannot stave off the fallacy of Hope  then what bodes for the rest of us? 

A creative person of any kind has a leg up on the rest of us because the pursuit of a solution to a creative problem (aside from doing service to others) is one of the healthiest paths to happiness and fulfilment. In my own case it isn't about more money, it's about more creativity, and it rests in the hope of making a decent painting each day before I die. 

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