06 June 2023

"What's not to like???" Uncle Boris in front of Art.


I picked this off Instagram several months ago and I'm wondering how I can qualify my ardent affection for it? What can I say? As the jazz guys used in yesteryear: 

"If you can't dig, I can't help ya"

But in the meantime I don't know who the artist is, alas.

(Addendum!, an astute reader, fellow artist, and also a friend too, emailed me the name of the heretofore unknown artist whom he found on the net through a process called reverse Google?? Anyway, the artist is Jochem Rotteveel, and somehow it makes perfect sense (and I have absolutely no idea why) that he be Dutch, and from The Hague! But I thank David Hickson for his input)

What do I like about it?? Always a good question! I like that it was designed in a colourful and wonky kind of paper/plastic seal but constructed as a bona fide Painting. It has a curious sort of unity that relates all the different elements together almost as if it were  a sovereign  flag representing a really cool but homeless community of graphic designers.

The colour harmony works well as do the shapes and sizes of each of these coloured pieces. It has all the elements I love in a picture but it also shocks in an amusing way.

"What's not to like??" as my Uncle Boris from Odessa would say with a shrug?

Looking at it, I begin to wonder if its origin isn't from a simplified design blown up from an image on Photoshop or Illustrator then put through a filter rendering it, and spitting it out in chunky pieces of colour and zoomed in.

But hey!,,,, what do I know?,,,,, I'm just a guy from Odessa who likes irony.

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  1. Hi Boris! Jochem here. Thank you for this brilliant analysis of my work. I love it when my work ends up in surprising locations, like for instance your colorful blog. In terms of the inspiration: I always make sketches first, with foil on paper. The compositions are abstractions from fictional interiors or landscapes. As was the case with this one. I bring the sketches to the specific location and rework them into the final installation. It's funny you mention jazz, because music (hip hop, jazz, electronic dance) always plays a big part in the creation. Thank you for posting this really nice blog post. Good luck with your blog!