15 March 2020

Confession from the Old Man and the Sea

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 11 March, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

This picture is from a few nights ago. It was the first of two that evening which I did it so quickly that I hardly remember it. If I were to make a confession, it would be to admit that it didn't even take me 10 minutes to make. Happily, it is like that sometimes. They just seem to show up with the first few brushstrokes only to finish themselves without thinking. The only conscious thought I might have had was to hear a voice inside which said: "STOP". Nothing more is needed in that small universal word. "It is done, start another one" my intuition always seems to say.

Alas, I say that, but maybe it needs an addendum which is that it really took me 45 years to make. And this is the thing about learning a craft which always surprises the creator; Only he, or she, knows what has been invested into a life of Art. 

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