03 March 2020

painting and pretty girls

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 29 February, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

An interesting session the other night which gave me two studies. This was the first one when the light was just beginning to turn. Like almost all of them, it came quickly. I hardly have to time to think, indeed, if I find myself thinking I am screwed. This is one activity which does not pardon fantasies of any kind. Often, there are pretty young women who come down the pathway and many of them, surprised at seeing a painter working just up on the dune few metres to their right, will smile quickly, furtively, and even with a hint of embarrassment as if I am an old relic to be seen in the Egyptian Wing of the Louvre. Ha Ha, but I cannot pay them much attention, if I do, I'm dead. 

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