16 March 2020

sexy i-phone 7 and the cloudy horizon

Evening Prayer Brunswick Heads, 14 March, 2020, oil on canvas board, 30 X 25 cm

My i-phone 7 usually makes my paintings look much sexier than they really are, but on this rare occasion it does not. I 'shoot' them on the stove top at midday when the light streams in from both sides of the kitchen and there is a no glare. It is pretty amazing that these telephone camera can be so true to colour in the right sort of diffused light. I believe the aperture is 1.8 which is pretty fast indeed, and this often creates too much light. Before I settled on the stovetop spot to shoot the paintings I used the living room with pillows circling the painting break all the light. But anyway, now the stovetop is where I shoot them, and there are bits of paint everywhere on the cast iron burners. 

So this system works great 7 out of 10 times, and with a little fiddling with the filters I  can usually bring up the warmth. But for some reason it rebels against yellow, and I lose its value too often and this picture suffers from that problem. The sky is far richer than it shows, alas,....

But I really liked the session when I painted it because I struggled after almost losing it several times.

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