12 March 2020

Timeless Turner

They are few words to add to these images! But of course, I will anyway.  

Painters since Turner have tried to deal with  'unruly' Nature as best as they could while still trying to be tethered to a 'motif'. But I don't believe that any of them came as close to the sheer abstraction of this 'unruliness' of Nature as did Turner. Monet certainly came close, as did some of Morandi's landscapes. And Piet Mondrian pushed the limits of his lovely Northern Landscapes to a point of a certain Non-Objection as did some of de Staal's small studies. I am leaving out a number of other painters too. My teacher Léo Marchutz also pushed his drawings of Venice and St Victoire to the very edge of Turner's artistic stratosphere.


But I really just wanted to throw up some images of Turner which so drive me mad. And it poses the question, yet again, for a painter: Just what was the American Expressionist movement all about, anyway?

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