11 October 2009


The pears (poires) are incredible at the moment. I wonder sometimes if I only just live in France for the fruit. These are probably the last figs of the season from my tree. I am crazy (fou) about good fruit. I once had a friend who actually hated fruit! I am always (toujours) amazed at this. This sounds high-handed, but honestly (honnêtement), how could anyone not like fruit?

Pears make me think of Chardin and Van Gogh, although I am not even sure that either of them painted the fruit. It just seems like they did.

Apples (pommes) make me think of Cezanne: crispy green and red;

Peaches are sweet Renoir while cherries are strictly (strictement) Bonnard.

How could one not like them? What a tragedy (quelle tragédie!) It seems almost inhuman (inhuman)!

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