29 October 2009


This sign (Panneau) always surprises me simply because I like the pure graphic of it. It hangs off the side of a house just outside (à l'extérieur) of Montelimar going due East (Est). But the business is long gone. Its often like that when one is driving around France while looking up at buildings and walls at the same time. Its pentimento heaven (paradise) but dangerous driving. 

I remember an old place by the side of the road on the National 7 somewhere in the Vaucluse. I used to drive by it all the time before the highway was put in. This old building was once some sort of chocolate factory (usine). The entire side of the wall (mur) facing RN7 was painted in huge (demeasuré) letters and a funny drawing of a child with a stupid smile on its chocolate mouth. It was quite something. I chuckled (glousser) each time I traveled past.

Just a few of years back I was driving by and saw an empty (vide) lot where the chocolate factory used to be. I found out a little later (un peu plus tard) that a British couple had bought the whole building  just to have the wall removed and delivered (livré) to their new home somewhere else in the area. Sacré Bleu!

This Pressing sign also reminds me (rappelle) that I have never been very big on ironing my own shirts.

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