27 October 2009

Le journal

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I watch the news (Le Journal) each night. I can't help it. So many of my friends around here think that French television stinks (c'est la merde!) and especially (surtout!) the French news! They think its a big waste of time (une enorme perte de temps!). However, I don't care, and the older I get, the less I care what people think! ( je m'en fout!)

One thing I like is that through many of their stories, I am taken on a leisurely trip (un parcours) around France. For me, its a friendly (amiable) kind of news half hour. At 20h, the choice is between TF 1 and Antenne 2, but with the zapper I watch both, and in fact (en fait), they do mirror one another with the same stories. France is, after all, a small country. Its what I like about the Le Journal à 20h: it conforms to the size of its land, to the scale of its ambitions. Its nothing like American Television News which highjacks the Universe with that same irritatingly nasal accent, (and that's excluding the whole cable thing (truc).) No, I am for a more gentle (doux), easier to digest view of this insane world. I can only take so much of it. This is why I don't have Cable and am restricted (limité) to the concise order of the filtered French news show. 

Both shows (émissions de télévision) bookend the half hour with a subject (sujet) of unusual or particular interest, either cultural or social. Tonight on Antenne 2 was a segment about Amma who is currently (actuellement) touring France with a schedule which looks like a Rock tour. I mean, she is everywhere! (partout!). She is visiting many cities and small towns; touching everyone, which is what she does. She puts her arms around you, and gives you a motherly hug.  Thousands of the most ordinary looking people line up each day to be touched by her. Sounds good, in fact, I could really use a good motherly hug on most days (vraiment).

On TF 1, just a flicker away, was a segment about an exhibition taking place in Paris devoted to Miles Davis. I think its called "Miles, we love you" or something similar (comme ça). 

This is also someone who touches you.

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