13 October 2009


This is Reidunn in her glass studio. She is currently working on glass portraits, hence the rubber mold (moule) which she holds in front of herself like fisherman who has caught a king salmon for a strange photo op. She lives in Grenoble  with her husband (son mari), who is a doctor, and their two children. She plays piano and has insisted that they do as well. 

She likes to come visit me, probably to play my grand piano. We have a very platonic relationship which suits us both. Last April she visited for a few days. Within a few minutes of greeting me and sliding her arm around my waist she exclaimed that I had put on too much weight (trop de poids)!

"Hey fatso!"

was how she put it. I agreed. It had been a long sedentary winter (hiver). She had been seeing a doctor in Lyon who put her on a rather severe diet régime of protein. She looked great needless to say, but then, she is quite physically beautiful, pounds or no pounds. Thus, I dutifully went up to Lyon to see the doctor who put me on the severe diet as well. I lost (perdu) 17 kilos in two 1/2 months. I didn't cheat (triché) and the results (resultats) were impressive. The summer went by without fuss and I managed to keep the weight off, but autumn seems to have sent in the artillery, and the battle is being slowly lost. So now: no more pastries (plus de pâtisseries), no cheese, and little (peu de) bread. Now, if I cannot hold the fort under these constraints (so to speak) then I shall have to call for reinforcements by slinking back up to Lyon again. All I know is that my waist feels like dear Reidunn's rubber (caoutchouc) mask.

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