18 November 2009


                               38 X 24 cm

I brought this painting downstairs about two weeks ago. Its very small but there is something in it which appeals to me. It takes me so long to finish these things. If it survives for a month or so of me looking at it downstairs then I know its OK.

Weather, unusually (particulièrement) warm here. I have been troubled (dérangé) all day long by an item in the news. A video from China of a group of people dining on a half cooked fish which is still very much alive. One can hear them laughing as they poke (pique) and prod at its head with their chopsticks (baguettes). They then dig into its body pulling meat off of it. It has apparently been deep-fried from just below the head. Enduring this, the poor thing is gasping for life, its head shifting left and right... its eyes: alive

I am sorry, but it is one of the worst things (pire des choses) which I have ever seen in my whole life. Its enough to turn me into a bigot.

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