19 November 2009

The Third Man Lives!

I have been playing around with small films now for a few years. I had this idea about ten years ago of sending out one minute films each day on the net. The technology was obviously (visiblement) not there yet. Amazingly (étonnamment),  today I can finally do it. (Pourvu que ça dur) As long as it lasts! This quality seems better than if I pass through YouTube so I will stick with this.

These days here are warm, weirdly warm really, but I won't complain as my fuel bill is friendlier this way. 

Tonight, on television, the show (l'émission) Envoyé Spécial. It was devoted to the pirating (le piratage) or (téléchargement illegal) of films and music. As everyone knows its killing the industry with sales sinking under the house.

Personally, I don't download any films or music which I haven't bought. Its a kind of political decision. In fact, maybe even a generational one as I like to have real objects on the shelf. As my Amazon account can attest, I buy lots of films and cd's and its probably ruining me. But I realized tonight that this phenomenon is really akin to the Warming of the Earth (le réchauffement de la planet). By consuming so many films and music illegally, everyone is guilty to one degree or another, of killing the art filmaking, and the creating of music. 

In fact, like our tuna, we are loving  them to death.

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  1. Crazy difficult to post a comment. Surching and surching aigain, found the third man alive! I'm very happy and we will continue to perfume you with smell of chimney. Saw the deers all days now in the neighbourhood and a little rouge-gorge behind the window.
    Thank you to excerce my english. Hope you'll get my silly words in Australia.