10 November 2009


An uneventful day (journée ordinaire) here at home. Tonight to Valence which is about a 50 minute drive away if one pushes it a bit. A dance performance which my friend Marie invited me to. She does much of the programing for the Theatre Le Bel Image, traveling around Europe, scouring for interesting things to bring to Valence. She invited me to come to Russia this summer for a whirlwind (comme une tornade) trip to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk and I forget where else. The truth is that I was afraid (peur) of flying on all those crazy old Russian jets. Ha Ha. I missed out on the pretty blonde and blued girls of Minsk, so she told me after her return.

On this evening, was a piece called Hanami by Gaetano Battezzato and his troupe TEATRI DEL VENETO. I liked it very much. It was, of course, very abstract like most Contemporary Dance today. This is the café for the theatre pictured above. Below are some of the upcoming events (prochainement) which I zipped quickly with a cell phone. I was impressed by their graphic.

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