16 November 2009


On the news this evening was a report about Antarctica which is melting (fondant) faster than ever. Its parameters are receding 30 metres each year.    

Its amazing that all of us aren't jumping out of our chairs at least twice a day. But then, our days are for just getting through sometimes. As I have recounted previously here, that if one wants to send a message, they should use Western Union. I am not one for using Art to send messages but I sense in many of my new things of this year that there is an underlying anxiety (angoisse) within them, a personal anxiety, which if I am lucky, maybe also a universal one. This small painting is hanging not far from the television, and I couldn't help but see something in it relating to the report. I don't know what really, but there is something there for me, hopefully (avec un peu de chance) for someone else as well. It may seem crazy to reveal the following thought in the face of a looming human disaster in the next 100 years but I wonder what will happen to all those beautiful Titians and Bonnards?

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