11 June 2011


A new moon yet
I didn't see the badger
Cross the road. 


  1. Dear Chris,
    I enjoyed your prose and your images. It's been a very long time. Where are you these days?

  2. Sorry, just Lisa N....with the art gallery in NYC

  3. I placed an ad in the Village Voice and you hired me to clean your place...when you had dust from your downstairs neighbors sandblasting the brick.

    You: Prince St, Me: Styvesant Oval

    You gave me a piece to put in a salon style show I had, Mark had a backgammon set he made and put in the show...remember now? : )

    YOu gave me a bike after mine was stolen...it was similar to Dorothy's bike from the wizard of oz...

    Do you stll make the salad dressing with the yeast flakes? I loved that recipe.

    Here's my link for fun...

  4. hello dear Lisa
    You married the Russian taxi driver!
    And,... you do miracles with a feather!
    but you din't leave me the link to see your gallery
    yes still make the famous salad dressing.
    send me your email

  5. yeah...well, the russian is ancient history...among other things.
    I didn't know you would remember the feather!
    you can email me at periwinkleeffects@gmail.com
    I don't have an art gallery, just a link to a website that i messed around with and put my artwork on It's completely unorganized. But, it's a work in progress like everything else in life.

    here it is:http://creativeramblings.weebly.com/

    I thought we could go on longer with you trying to figure out who I was..but, you didn't play along ; )

  6. But I am playing along..and
    It will take forever trying to figure out who you are.

  7. There's no doubt about that!