10 October 2009


Mistral arrived and blew the clouds to the south (sud). Actually the landscape looks a bit like this today. This was done one afternoon in the Vaucluse, in the valley between Lacoste and Bonnieux about 15 years ago.  I was still working outdoors (dehors) in those days and I look upon these studies (études) with a great nostalgia. Certainly (certes), it is full of holes, white bits of light, many of which I would probably fill to give it a better surface but I like its wild (sauvage) and abstract quality. It mirrors the untamed landscape which still exists in the valley despite the influx of renovated villas, locked off by tall gates (grills) and tall hedges (haies.)

In the last few years I have walked off the landscape path (le motif) as if I had walked off the edge of the world map like a sailor (un marin) before the time of Christopher Columbus. I wanted to see if I could work entirely from my imagination without any aid or reference to or from the visual world. I am not sure that I have succeeded (reussit). In fact I ask myself every day whether or not I have made a big mistake (erreur).

Tomorrow, it seems is supposed to be clear.

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